Compensation and efficient use of energy during training and races

Compensation and efficient use of energy during training and races

We need energy, as we learned in physics lessons, to be able to do the work. We get it from food. I will not pretend that I am a nutritional mage, we all know which are healthy foods and which are not. Since I became a Spartan, my diet has not dramatically changed, because I’ve always been eating relatively healthy food. Of course, I have also improved in this way and I still have something to work on.

Perhaps the most important thing of all is being hydrated, whether during training or during a race. In case of insufficient water, dizziness or collapse may occur. After my first attempt of 100 burpees, I heard ringing in my ears for at least half an hour until I started to feel ok. It was caused, of course, by my bad fitness, but I think if I would better take care of the drinking regime and the supply of some quick sugars, I would do it easier. Likewise, or worse, I ended up on my second Spartan Race Sprint in Vechec. The day before I neglected the supply of fluids and I had extreme problems on the track, I was very sick.

Today, such situations do not happen to me. First, my fitness is on higher level, and if I happen to feel a low sugar level, I know I should slow down and it will stabilize soon. I have learned to diagnose these situations quite early, so I think I manage my energy on the track quite effectively. If the race is very long, then later, of course, the energy runs out and I am so exhausted. At that time, often, my only emotion is hunger – I am very excited to end the race and to go get something good. Then I look for “forbidden” meals, such as hamburger, kebab and similar fast food meals.

Personally, I don’t go to training or race without putting anything in my stomach, but at least two hours before the performance. On the other hand, I’m not stuffed up so that I don’t burden my stomach too much. I also learned the lessons during the race, I try to drink a lot, and I also choose the foods that fit me. This is individual for everybody, I usually have some meat in the evening before the race, most often with rice or potatoes and vegetables. In the morning, before the race, mostly bread. I know, pastry is not very nutritional, but my belly is a little sensitive to some foods, so I have to give it what it I may, so my stomach would not protest.

I don’t use to take a camel bag with me during the race, but it was a necessity from the beginning. After an unpleasant experience in Vechec, I thought to myself, not a single step without a camel bag. I carried 2 litres of isotonic drink, grape sugar, dried meat, salt pills and sometimes magnesium shots. However, the Spartan organizers added at least one refreshment station to the track, more than it used to be, and they even provided salt and some dried fruit, so this all inclusive service is enough for me to reach the finish line with dignity. Moreover, as I mentioned, my fitness and energy management have improved significantly, so I usually rely only on an abundant breakfast.

That is why I am also very glad that I have discovered in the recent past also an energy drink that does not burden my stomach, after which I have no problems on the track. Of course I am talking about Edgar Power Drink, which not only does not burden my stomach, but I really feel the energy supply. I think they managed to mix this energy cocktail really well…. and not to mention those Edgar girls, they’re super hot.

So, to sum up, you have to drink a lot, eat healthy and balanced meals, and the energy supply will be excellent then. And if any energy is missing before the race, Edgar will solve it.