Places, where I prepare for the race

Places, where I prepare for the race

Black Crossgym Komárno is a place where my muscles grow, so do my fitness, and where I spit out my soul and go to relax.

I first came here on January 4, 2016 and since then I come here regularly, usually three times a week. A great team of trainers and other instructors ensures that I am fully prepared for all the challenges ahead. I do extra exercises every time because I believe that if I want to be better I have to do something extra. That is why I come to the gym one hour before the training and do my own warm-up, which is necessary for me and often takes 45 minutes. This is followed by the actual training with the majority of female staff. I feel very well in women’s society, not only that I have close friends there, but women, of course, do not exercise with that heavy weights as men, so the workload suits me and I can compare myself with them. If the exercises do not suit me, I will bring in my own training suitable for my preparation for the race. Sometimes, at the end of the training I do some little extra exercises again.

I like the feeling when my whole body is burning, when I have sore muscles, that I can’t sit down on the toilet, then I really feel like I did something for myself.

The second, very important, place in my preparation is at home. I spend most of my time at home and when I’m not training in the gym, I work out at home as well, because it is important to move every day.
It is not such an intense exercise as in gym, I focus mainly on strengthening the core, abdominal muscles. One of the most essential phases of my preparation also takes place at my home, which is regeneration, or sleep. Many athletes neglect regeneration, a key moment of success.

And last but not least, I would mention all the places other than the gym and my home. Recently I started to put more emphasis on walking. A walk, in my understanding, means fast walking. I go to the city centre or other places on days when I don’t have the workout in the gym and I wander in the city streets until I reach the daily step limit of 7500 steps. This is a very good preparation, because although it may seem that I move with ease, it is quite tough. Just try what it’s like to walk with crutches.

So this means that wherever I am, wherever I move, wherever I go, I always prepare for my next race.