Marosh The Spartan

Spartan with one leg, smile and eternal positive thinking. Motivator whose actions speak louder than words.


Spartan Race

Born in the dense mountains of Vermont. Spartan is a way of life. Spartan Race is an innovative obstacle race on a global scale.



Athlete of the Year in Komárno in 2016 Athlete of the Year in Nitra Region in 2016 Athlete of the Year in Nitra Region in 2018 In 2017 introduced into the "Spartan Hall of Fame". 3x champion of Nitra region in table football.



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Marosh and Spartan Race



,,Our mission and vision is to motivate, inspire everyone to move and to think barrier-free." team Marosh the Spartan

Marosh The Spartan

Athlete with disability - sport has become a part of my life, it is a strong motivation that moves one forward in difficult moments.

,,Our common goal is to provide barrier-free thinking for all generations." Erika Jung

Spartan Ultra Liberec

You can’t be prepared enough for the Ultra race. At least that was how I felt.

First summer Spartan Race in Mallorce

I attended my first summer Spartan Race this year on beautiful, sunny Mallorca. I decided to go to Mallorca two years ago, but due to some reasons I was not able to get there.

Winter Spartan Race Banská Bystrica 2020

When I attended my first winter Spartan in Dolní Morava in 2017, I thought I will never go to the winter race again. It was cold, the wind was blowing, my hands were freezing, I was struggling in the snow, and all the way I was disturbed by my runny nose.

The last Spartan trip this year.

I made my last Spartan trip this season in Czech Republic, at the Lipno dam. And the fact that I really thought of it as a holiday stay is that I didn't even take a camel bag with me, even though I went to Beast.