Maroš Kudlík – Marosh the Spartan – Maroško

Maroš Kudlík and his story

When he was 14 years old, he was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, which externally manifested only as a visible bulge. It was in the back pit of knee and despite not causing him pain, it caused many other inconveniences. He underwent many examinations and cures, the disease came back and was needed more radical solution. The leg was amputated above the knee to prevent spread. For some time it worked, he used prosthesis and went to school. After a not very long time doctors found a relapse – the disease returned again. Doctors decided to exarticulate the leg – they removed the rest of the femur with the joint. This surgery was fortunately the last one he underwent in connection with this disease.

He spent the period between 2002 and 2005 with intermittent breaks in hospital. Despite he missed at school quite a lot, he successfully completed elementary, high school and university as well. He managed to complete his master degree in applied informatics and automation in industry.
He always liked sports. He liked to play basketball and is still its big fan.

In 2007 he started playing table football (foosball), which later he began to play competitively and organized tournaments. At the beginning of 2016 he got to crossfit, TRX and yoga. From that moment, miracles began to happen. After the first hour of workout, there was an explosion of endorphins that caused feelings he had never experienced. He started exercising regularly. Fitness grew and great feeling after training always stayed. A friend told him he should take part in the Spartan race. He felt support from all sides. Not only that he finished the race, but he outrun more than twenty other competitors. From that moment there was more and more interest about his person. People ask him how he did it, where he gained so much strength in himself, and where the courage comes from.
He showed that it is possible to move forward in sports or any other area of life, that the handicap may no longer be obstacle or excuse. His aim is to show people his motto, which is the belief that he always win and never lose.

Until this day he has completed 28 Spartan Races, including trifecta weekend, winter spartans and charity races. This year he plan to finish more than 15 races, in 7 countries.
Follow his FB and IG page Marosh The Spartan to get more information about upcoming events and you can meet him too. – s: Maroš Kudlík a Human Health Institute – Inštitút pre Ľudské zdravie.

Marosh the Spartan

I have beaten cancer three times, but since then I manage everything on one leg. However, I didn’t lose strength to overcome obstacles both in my life and during the race. I have become a racer of Spartan race obstacle course runs, where I show that a handicap no longer has to be an obstacle or excuse. My belief is that I always win under any circumstances, I never give up.

I work at the Human Health Institute as an event coordinator and as a responsible person for sports projects. My task is to motivate, do inspiring lectures, workshops and create projects aimed at the protection of physical and mental health and in particular to inform everyone about the importance of movement for health in every life situation.

Motto: I never give up, strength and endurance are hidden in each of us.

P.S .: Why Maroško? I am often called a warrior, a champion, a fool, a crazy, but also Maroško, even though I’m quite big (Maroško is a diminutive word of Maroš). Women say I’m cute and perfect for hugging. So what do you say? I guess Maroško suits me. And one more thing – humour is the spice of life.

My free time

What do I do in my free time? I do sports, beautiful women, books, wise women, guitar and all the other women.