Spartan Race

,,Spartan has a barrier-free thinking”, Erika Jung

“Spartan doesn’t know the handicap”, Maroš Kudlík

Spartan is a way of life

Spartan originated in the harsh, green mountains of Vermont. At the beginning was Joe de Sena, an adventure racer of world class.

Spartan is a mind setting.

Spartan is courageous, tenacious, passionate.

Spartans are not weak. Spartans overcome obstacles. And yes, Spartans do burpees.

Spartan – it is a sport, community, philosophy, training and nutrition program with daily recommendations, podcast, lots of books, activities for children, training equipment, communication channels, NBC Sports series, online magazine and measured obstacle race.

Spartan Race is an innovative obstacle race on a global scale. Over 130 races around the world are organized annually – they offer three basic race tracks with increasing track length, increasing number of obstacles and increasing difficulty.

Spartan Sprint (5 K / 20 obstacles),

Spartan Super (10 K / 25 obstacles) and

Spartan Beast (21 K / 30 obstacles). The tracks include obstacles: mud, barbed wire, walls, ropes and fire. Accept this challenge, complete all three races and become a member of TRIFECTA tribe.

They also offer children’s races (800 – 4.5km), Spartan special races (for mentally handicapped or handicapped people with developmental disabilities). For those who are looking for more challenges is Hurricane Heat (training camp style) and Ultra (50K, 60 obstacles).

Spartan lives by these principles:

Spartan forces his mind and body to the most extreme limits.
Spartan perfectly controls his emotions.
Spartan is constantly learning.
Spartan helps others.
Spartan is the leader.
Spartan stands for what he believes in at all costs.
Spartan knows himself, his weaknesses and his qualities.
Spartan actions speak louder than words.
Spartan lives every day as if it were his last.

I will always place the mission first.
I will never accept defeat.
I will never quit.
I will never leave a fallen comrade.